Hyvää (suomalaista) äitienpäivää!

Päivän kunniaksi uutinen, jonka mukaan äitien kannalta paras maa vuonna 2013 on Suomi (ja toiseksi paras Ruotsi!):

Here is a question worth pondering for Mother's Day: Where is the best place to be a mother?
A new report by the humanitarian group Save the Children rates Finland as the country that treats mothers best. The worst country in which to be a mother, according to the group's international index, is the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The top 10 countries to be a mother:
1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Norway
4. Iceland
5. The Netherlands
6. Denmark
7. Spain
8. Belgium
9. Germany
10. Australia
The worst 10 countries to be a mother:
167. Cote d'Ivoire
168. Chad
169. Nigeria
170. Gambia
171. Central African Republic
172. Niger
173. Mali
174. Sierra Leone
175. Somalia
176. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Lue lisää: http://www.savethechildrenweb.org/SOWM-2013/#/6/