3 ways to intensify the minority language exposure for your bilingual child

Multilingual families raising bilingual children

So you want to pass on your language to your children, but feel that they are not getting enough exposure to it – a familiar scenario for many minority language parents. You have made a quick calculation and noticed that you are not reaching the recommended thirty percent of exposure during your child’s waking time. Should you give up? Definitely not! While the thirty percent exposure is a good goal to have, it is in no way an end all and be all. Your children can become bilingual with less exposure. To improve the odds, make every exposure minute count.
You are already spending as much time as you can with your children. You have probably also exhausted the pool of relatives and friends who could help you. Increasing the amount of visits “back home” might not be viable due to time pressure or financial reasons. Money may also be an obstacle to getting a child minder or employing an au pair who can speak the language, hiring a language tutor or sending your children to a holiday camp in your language. 
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